Wiccan Truths

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Our Mission

I literally cannot count the number of times I have been judged or slandered for my religious beliefs. However, that does not make me doubt or regret the choices I have made with my faith. I am a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and I am also a Wiccan. If people would just be reasonable about that declaration. Wiccans have had to stay very private in fear of pursecution in a time when we are supposed to be protected by freedom of religion, right? Well, the number one reason for anger is fear and the number one cause of fear is not knowing.

So my coven and I created a blog as a reference for those who fear the unknown about Wicca. I will attempt to put to rest some of the most common misconceptions about Wicca and bring to light the traditions and customs that are pagan/wiccan based that are still being practiced by people today,even by the Christians! ;-).  Simply click here or click the blog tab above and learn more!

Please feel free to check out my sister sites as well as the Magicka School and our Charities page. Also check out the store links for great supplies websites with reasonable prices! We also invite you to visit our Forum! Any inquirys there will be answered by our coven which involves Ashlyn Sky, Luna, and Raven.

This is just a basic list of some of the things our blog will cover:

1) Deities of the Wiccan/Pagan religions.

2) Common Misconceptions

3) Wicca and Christianity

4) Remenents of Wicca still seen in todays society

5) Wiccan Holidays (you may be surprised)

6) Spells and Rituals (not as spooky as it sounds)

7) Great Party Ideas for Halloween! (I know but someone actually asked for this...glad to help)

8) Spellwork and Supplies

9) Wiccans and psychic abilities

10) Wiccans and Tarot

11) Wiccans and Prayer

12) Herbs and The Witches Kitchen

13) Astrology

14) Astral Travel

15) Auras

 Also coming soon...We are proud to offer you our home-made, herbal shampoos, conditioners, lotions, herbal remedies, do-it-yourself spell packets, perfumes, and more at our new site (Floras Serenity Garden)! Feel free to message us if there is anything you would like us to sell. If our stores dont have it we can probably find or make it lol.

So enjoy our site and may you  always blessed be!


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